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Chapter 207 news, pics, and spoilers (raw text translated)

okay guys, i said i'd scrounge around for news and updates and i finally found some.... here's a rough translation/summary of chapter 207, raw.





- Sheryl watches, through his monocle, of Road protecting Allen and disappearing. We vividly hear him say: "My Road.... My Road." (Rhode is NOT dead. hoshino recently did an interview where she said Rhode will have even more face time in the manga and play a bigger role.)

- Sheryl beats up Lavi, with full power, in order to get Bookman to start talking about the relationship between the 14th and Road. (a-HA!!! i knew there was a something about rhode and the 14th! it's the only way i can explain why she's SO infatuated with allen...not that he isn't cute in his own right)


- Johnny quits the Black Order in order to find Allen. Meanwhile, Lenalee and Marie are talking about Allen. (why the hell is johnny out looking for allen but lenalee isn't?!?! i guess johnny is in love with allen :-P)

- Suddenly, Kanda shows up where Lenalee and Marie are. (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

- Marie is teary eyed and says, "Idiot!! ...You're!"
- Kanda says with a smile (): "I'm back." "See you, then?"
(T/N: I think Kanda is saying this in a jokingly matter like, "I'll go if you don't want me here.")

- Chaoji is happy that he can use the Innocence in the Black Order.

- However, there's a remaining parasite, that's observing inside the body, that resembles a spy?

I have the RAW scans of Kanda's return....HOLY HELL KANDA LOOKS HAWT!!! i wish i could post them here. if you want to see them, message me and i'll send you a link.

i read that 207 is planned on being completed and released on september 5th. these drawings actually look really lovely so maybe she's drawing them all by herself and it's taking longer?

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